Spoken Word Poetry to Music 
"The Beachcomber" 
 by Judith A.Lawrence
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Klyd Watkins has written poetry and he has recorded poetry for four decades. Sometimes he only wrote; sometimes he only recorded; sometimes he combined the two. His written poetry has published in chapbooks and poetry magazines. Ghost Trees and 5 Speed are among the chaps. In the 90's he was published often in Charles Potts The Temple. His recordings with his wife Linda were a major component of the seventies lp series Poetry Out Loud. There are the eight records of Poetry Out Loud, then two CD's, "Listen the Night" and "Harp All Made of Gold." He has finished a new recording--"Down This Trail" is part of it--and is looking for a label to put it out.

Klyd's CD's can be purchased at www.cdbaby.com. You can also listen to some of his work on YouTube.

Klyd Watkins - "Dance"